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Trading Fundamentals - You must know the basics to succeed.

The basics of consistent profits long term!

Learn why discipline is a must have when trading.

Buying and Selling is the core of trading and a must know!

Determining your edge in the market.


Learn what the Bid/Ask Spread is and how to use it!

Identifying and understanding divergences in trading.


Stock - Buying and selling shares of companies on the stock market.


Learn how to hold stocks overnight to profit without worrying about the PDT rule.

Understanding the inner workings of the S&P 500 index.


Options - Buying and selling premium. Having the option to buy or sell a stock at a later date.

Get everything you need to get started trading options. Calls, puts, greeks, and so much more!

You’ve got the basics of options down. Move onto the next step and learn about option spreads!

Begin trading advanced option spreads with the in depth understanding of volatility!

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Cryptocurrency - The new age of currency.


Learn advanced cryptocurrency trading with margin and leverage.


Trading Strategies - Learn tested trading strategies to help you navigate the markets.


Learn the 13/20 Chris Cross Trading Strategy developed by Retail Algo Trader and Wingtrades

Learn the Cruise Curve Trading Strategy Developed by Wingtrades

Value Zone Entry Strategy


Video List:

  1. Trading and Investing A+ Setups

  2. Two Secrets for Consistent Trading Profits

  3. Discipline - The Key to Profit

  4. Bid and Ask - The Basics

  5. Buying and Selling - The Basics

  6. Price vs Value

  7. Momentum Setup - Premarket Movers

  8. Getting Paid for Time Decay - WEBINAR

  9. Coming Prepared to the Market - WEBINAR

  10. Technical Analysis Refresher - WEBINAR

  11. Understanding Candlesticks

  12. Support and Resistance

  13. Setting Up Support and Resistance

  14. Risk vs Reward

  15. Finviz Scanner Tutorial

  16. How to Profit in Any Market Condition

  17. Fundamental Analysis of Federal Balance Sheet