Christopher Wingfield

Chief Executive Officer

7+ years of experience trading penny stocks and mid-caps. Focuses on major support and resistance levels to ensure that entries and exits are high probability of profit. He utilizes personality type specific education to help each member of the Wingtrades community grow in their own style.


Aaron Gose

Chief Operations Officer

6+ years of experience trading stock, options, physical commodities, and cryptocurrency. He helps the Wingtrades community develop options and crypto trading strategies as well as much of the behind the scenes work to ensure that everything is running smoothly for staff and members alike.

Lane Gramling

Chief Technology Officer

Engineer with 6+ years of software design experience and 4+ years of trading experience. He focuses on using real-time networking with machine learning to help the Wingtrades community gain advantageous insights from market data.



Adam Wood


COO at Expercoin and Experfy. Tufts Fletch School of Law and Diplomacy, Harvard Law School, and Harvard University - Economics. As an Advisor to the executive staff, Adam manages operational flow, business development, and global policy overview.


Michelle Galetti

Director of Media and Design

Engineering Fellow of Technology, Arts, and Media at the University of Colorado, Boulder. With a focus on intensive design work for user experience using hard coding and adobe cloud applications, Michelle helps grow the global Wingtrades community.


Jason Tresh

Director of Marketing

‘Tresh’ is only 18, but has over 3 years trading experience under his belt. What began as a hobby, became a potential career path. Tresh talks trade ideas with the Wingtrades community and answers any questions they might have as well as being a key member of the Wingtrades marketing team.

Trading Analysts and Notable Traders


Marcel (Fly)

With 4+ years of trading, Marcel started with small cap stocks, but evolved to trading mid caps, large caps and options. He also focuses on investments in multi-family real estate and in up-scaling his family’s healthy, fast, casual food brand. You can find him helping members of the Wingtrades community on the options and equity floor!



With over 10 years in investment banking, private equity, international M&A, as well as asset management for 2 of the largest family offices in the country, Icakmai is an extremely seasoned member in the Wingtrades community! You can find him on the options trading floor analyzing potential plays and answering questions.


Professional Software Engineer and Crypto Trader. Using technical analysis to push his account to over 10x during the last bull wave while protecting profits on the way down. He's always on top of the current state of the market to ensure we're grabbing the best movers!



Founder of Retail Algo Trader, Chris has over 10 years experience with the stock market. In 2016, he decided to settle on options and futures trading due to their powerful leverage. With a decade serving in the United States Marine Corps, Chris enjoyed educating others and has carried that passion into the stock market with the Wingtrades community.

Josh Toman.png

Josh Toman

Josh first started trading in 2006 and has found a passion for options and futures. He has spent the last 3 years extensively learning options and the effects of volatility. When he is not trading, he helps members of the Wingtrades community with a comprehensive understanding of options trading strategies.

James Bora.png

James Bora

2+ years of experience trading equities. With a focus in momentum, scalp, and swing trading, Bora uses price action, tape reading, and chart trends to profit in the markets. Outside of trading, he has a love of building and driving high powered cars as well as riding motocross.


Sudeep (Megalodon)

7+ years in crypto 1+ years of forex, commodities, and indices trading, Sudeep is working towards being a well rounded trader. He prefers quick paced trading strategies utilizing technical indicators. You can find him on the Wingtrades crypto and forex trading floors.