Aaron has spent literally days on voice calls, video calls, messages, running simulators, and checking my sheets...


I can honestly say that Aaron and Wingfield truly care about the people watching them. At any point and time any of the three are immediately there to help or explain. They pay attention to what's going on and if they see you in a bad trade they will advise why. They don't live on the principle of letting people learn the hard way. And when you fall (because if you are learning you will) they are right there to be supportive and try to help correct what caused the fall. They understand some people have smaller accounts and cant ride a 10%-20% pull back for the 30% after it they wait.. They don't rush and are very cautious of every trade because they understand its not just their money riding on their calls its anyone following the call. Aaron has spent literally days (in physical hours) on voice calls video calls, messages running simulators checking my sheets just to watch every step that i take be it good or bad. And even when good he will flat out say that was risky you got lucky or wow great catch. They aren't greedy they aren't here to see 100-200% gains on every swing they understand that 10-15% is pushing it on most positions. By far some of the best people I've met since i started trading.

I've know Wingfield for a while he has seen me hit a streak and then blow it up lol several times he doesn't laugh or tell you how much you screwed up you already know that. He will help you understand why. If you are here just to follow calls and be happy with that, you can do that, but if you are here to truly learn so one day you can be in the pilot seat unafraid to take the short when everyone else is saying long... to know how to feel the change in each candle... Well you are at the right place. Dive in be patient learn dont just follow they want you to be a leader.. A leader of your own money and maybe one day... A leader of the next generation of traders coming in getting burned and harassed on stocktwits or any of the other places and then thats when you get to repay Wingfield and Aaron.. by leading the mirror of yourself at the beginning.

Aaron Gose