This would be totally impossible without the outstanding community I’ve found with WingTrades...

Alright folks, listen up. Last Tuesday, I started trading with $400. 9 trading days later, I closed the day with $2500. That’s 625% gains for you statisticians out there. And while I can credit those gains partially to my own diligence, effort, and enthusiasm, this would be totally impossible without the outstanding community I’ve found with WingTrades.

Now, a little history. I first started trading equities in early 2017, but I had no idea what I was doing and ended up with a losing streak that ultimately cost me almost the entirety of my portfolio. I quit trading then, but this past October I decided to return to it. At first, I started repeating the same losing patterns. Within weeks, I had lost hundreds of dollars once again; I’ve calculated that I lost just over $1000 in total. Note that that is a huge amount of money for a broke college student—I had lost way more money than I could afford to lose, and I knew that I needed to really get serious if I wanted to continue trading and turning it profitable.

Then I joined WingTrades. As a direct result of this supportive, friendly, insightful, and enthusiastic community, I started learning at an exponential rate and was making impressive gains within days. I filled my toolbelt with plenty of strategies, tactics, patterns, indicators, insights, and approaches, and although I’ve set a goal of making 5% gains each day, my newly-evolved skillset has allowed me to see 20%-50% gains every single day since I opened my account. In total, within a matter of days I’ve gone from a nominal -$1000 to +$2500.

I can’t express how thankful I am to this community. I’m truly excited to see where my trading will take me, and I’m equally excited to see how WingTrades will continue to improve and evolve. Absolutely massive shoutout to the WingTrades team, and particularly to Aaron (COO), who got me into trading in the first place. Big X’s and O’s to WingTrades.