Why Tastyworks?

Pricing! One of the quickest ways to destroy your trading account is by overpaying on commissions. Tastyworks has a very simple commission structure that allows you to take single option positions and not pay the massive $4.95 base rate like many other brokers out there. If you’re trading even larger sizes, the commission is capped at $10 per leg so orders of 10+ contracts won’t get more expensive! 


Platform! A little background. Tastyworks was created by the founders of the popular trading and charting platform, ThinkorSwim. Because of their experience, they took all of the commonly used and useful parts of ThinkorSwim and built the streamlined platform that is Tastyworks.

Tastyworks offers web, desktop, IOS, and Android platforms so you can trade from anywhere.


Whether you are trading stock, single-leg options, or option spreads, the analysis tools by Tastyworks are everything you need to succeed.