SITO - Setup: A-

I am aiming to long SITO

be sure to review all the information given before taking positions and do your own dd.

target entry: 1.47 - 1.54 (above vwap)

tight stop loss: thinking no lower than 1.45

loose stop loss: 1.35

duration: 2 -4 weeks


- Play breakout past 1.68 into channel 1.68 - 3.12

- Above 3.12 (pivot point) we gain additional attention and momentum

- No visible news since Jan 7 but as a software company these play like biotechs, they either have value or they don't. When they __do__ their __price__ moves quickly (and often above their true __value__). We will prepare to sell into resistance **if no true catalyst presents itself +/- 1 day of the 3.12 test.

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