Aaron's All-In-One

This tradingview script shows the most common moving averages + the 13/20 strategy

Using the Tradingview pine editor located at the bottom of the page, paste the following code:

study(title="Aaron's All-In-One", shorttitle="AIO", overlay=true)
//barcolor(close < open ? red : green)

src = input(close, title="Source")

len13 = input(13, minval=1, title="Length")
out13 = ema(src, len13)
plot(out13, color=teal, transp=0, title="13EMA")

len20 = input(20, minval=1, title="Length")
out20 = sma(src, len20)
plot(out20, color=white, transp=0, title="20SMA")

len50 = input(50, minval=1, title="Length")
out50 = sma(src, len50)
plot(out50, color=yellow, transp=0, title="50SMA")

len100 = input(100, minval=1, title="Length")
out100 = sma(src, len100)
plot(out100, color=green, transp=0, title="100SMA")

len200 = input(200, minval=1, title="Length")
out200 = sma(src, len200)
plot(out200, color=red, transp=0, title="200SMA")

len300 = input(300, minval=1, title="Length")
out300 = sma(src, len300)
plot(out300, color=blue, transp=0, title="300SMA")

len400 = input(400, minval=1, title="Length")
out400 = sma(src, len400)
plot(out400, color=purple, transp=0, title="400SMA")
Aaron Gose