BLNK - Grade: A

BLNK - Grade: B+

Key Levels: 1.96, 2.24, 2.66, 3.81

Channels in play: 1.96 - 2.66, 2.66 - 3.81

Worth swinging above 2.24 today, however we will need to be careful of a possible rejection at 2.66 in the next day or two. If 2.66 can be reclaimed we will have the next channel in play and expect movement towards 3.61.

Really like the intraday movement for a swing potential above the right area in the setup. With 1.96 being the bottom of the channel and the safest entry for the swing we are trading carefully at this point watching the close closely.


For the swing, the largest test will be the pivot point 3.61

BLNK: 1.96, 2.24, 2.66, 3.81(P), 5.66, 7.09, 7.8


Awesome swing! Upgrade to A as premarket is holding 2.24 well. watching for a breakout past 2.66

BLNK - Grade: A

Key Levels: 1.96, 2.24, 2.66, 3.81

BLNK still in play above 2.24 - to breakout past 2.66

BLNK consolidating above 2.66 will allow acceptable entry for a tight risk

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