BIOC - Grade: B+

BIOC - Grade: A- (original run setup)

After technical break we DOWNGRADED to B+ at best

Key Levels: 2.19, 2.57, 2.92, 3.5

We like BIOC for the swing above 2.19, taking a starter above this point with a tight stop at 2.05. This early entry will allow for a swing if the run goes as planned as well as the duration required to be a successful swing.

BIOC is downgraded to a B for the technical break, B+ best
BIOC is going to push a lower high into rejection 65-70% chance of this with a technical break

To be successful into the afternoon and breakout BIOC will need to reclaim vwap through lunch (before 1PM EST) and 2.19 holding strong or there will be no volume to follow this.

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