STAF - Grade: C+

STAF - Grade: B (premarket)

Key Levels: 1.77, 2.98(O), 4.13, 4.96, 5.69-5.94

Channels: 2.98 - 4.96, 5.94 - 8.94

Out of play below: 2.98

Bullish above: 2.98

Mid range resistance at: 4.13


STAF attempting to stay in play, going for vwap reclaim. Below 2.7 is a full breakdown and off watch. No long below 2.98 still imo

STAF is attempting to consolidate above 2.7 intraday support. The issue we run into this setup is the potential for selling vs the potential for a recovery.

Recovery without a vwap reclaim between 11:30AM - 1PM gives us around a 30% probability of success. Without pushing a new high of day after vwap recovery we have less than 15% chance the move will sustain.

If you are playing these setups, keep in mind we favor technically sound movement and price action we can understand.

Chris WingfieldComment