MYND - Grade: B

MYND - Grade: B

Key Levels: 1.49(E), 2.0(P), 2.4, 2.8

Early swing possible above: 1.49

Pivot point bullish above: 2.0 - this is also the bottom of the channel pending play

Channel: 1.49 - 2.4 , 2.0 - 2.8 (overlapped)

Anticipated Duration: as short as 10 days, on the longer side of 30


A quick update to our active swing MYND.

The lowest technically acceptable point in this chart for us to continue to risk is 1.35. Consolidation much continue above this point or we will see stops hit and the formation break. Knowing this could be a 10 day move, we expect some deviation however weak closes and technical breaks are dangerous to ignore.

1.24.19 update: MYND is still in play above 1.35 and we are seeing nice consolidation, could allow for a later swing entry

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