Jan 16 2019 - Momentum Watchlist



Key Levels: 1.36(E) 1.71(P), 2.03(B) 2.51, 2.89

RNN has FDA phase 2a pending news 1.18.19, we will watch for an early reaction jumping the gun on this news and for a possible positive catalyst with the news going public. Early movement past 1.36 will show potential with technical breakout possible past 1.71 pivot point towards true breakout level 2.03.
Channel 1.71 - 2.89 is in play with a close above this point.



Key Levels: 2.7, 2.96, 3.56, 4.02, 4.79

TYME has done well as a swing play but with the pending FDA news 1.18.19 we will be watching for additional volume and catalysts to push this out of the 4.02 channel (2.7 - 4.02). Beyond 4.02 we have a breakout point at 4.79 and without a real catalyst it will be difficult for this movement to sustain past for a swing.



Key Levels: 1.49(E), 2.02-2.08(B), 2.98

MNKD, from popular demand, is on watch but out of play for me below early signal 1.49. Above this key resistance we could have the channel play out towards 2.02-2.08 ranged resistance and a true breakout past the 2.98 key daily resistance. Key note for this one is how cash starved the company is and how often they choose to dip into the investors pockets through offerings, play smart and secure profits unless a better catalyst than I am personally expecting is released.