Why Acorns?

Trading is not for everyone! Trading in the market is challenging and very time consuming and many people prefer the invest and ignore strategy. Acorns does just that, but with a twist. This platform securely connects to your bank and credit card to round up purchases you make everyday. Let’s say you purchased breakfast for $3.50. Acorns sees that purchase and rounds up to the nearest $1. From that breakfast purchase, you would invest $0.50 into your portfolio which will make money for you over time! In addition to ‘round ups’ you can also setup a reoccurring amount daily, weekly, or monthly to help your portfolio grow bigger. I, Aaron, invest $20 a week and 10% of all my paychecks even with all of the other trading and investing strategies we use at Wingtrades.com! This passive strategy allows my money to grow over time and I can focus on other things.

Acorns 1.PNG

It doesn’t matter how much you start with. What matters is that you continue to put money in how much time you let that money compound for you!


Control your money!

Because Acorns does all of the work for you, the options of where you put your money are limited. You can chose between 5 different risk tolerances and you can view details about the components you’re investing in.

As your knowledge of the market improves, you do have access to adjust your holdings. For example. When the stock markets are top heavy, playing a conservative to moderately conservative portfolio limits the downside risk in the event of a market correction as it is weighted heavily with bonds and mutual funds. After a market correction, playing an aggressive portfolio will allow you to take advantage of ‘discounted stock prices’ as the market recovers. Changing your portfolio risk tolerance is simple.


Free stuff! Acorns has a long standing offer to recruit new sign-up by giving you $5 upon registration. Let’s do the math. $5 compounded at 7.5% over 20 years is $21.24. That’s the power of compound interest. Click the link below to get started.